Lunch menu

Available Monday to Friday till 3pm


Lunch Fajitas

  • Bed of sautéed onions and peppers accompanied by shredded cabbage, jack cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole fresco and your choice of flour or corn tortillas.

  • Veggie 15
  • Chimichurri chicken 17
  • Herbed steak 18
  • Lunch Taco Salad 14

    Baked tortilla bowl, house salad, crushed corn chips, jack cheese, red sauce and pico de gallo. Topped with your choice of chicken veracruz, taco beef, chorizo sausage or one of our signature chili's.

  • Lunch chimichanga 15

    A tortilla stuff for season chicken, jack cheese, enchilada sauce and sautéed mushrooms. Fried golden and finished with diced green onions, enchilada and arroz sauce. Served with rice & beans.

  • Lunch #18 15

    A bed of rice topped with your choice of chicken vera cruz, taco beef, chorizo sausage or one of our signature chili's surrounded by a ring of Mexi's nachos.

  • Mexican flag 15

    Choice of two chicken vera cruz, chorizo sausage or cheese n onion enchiladas finished with jack cheese, enchilada sauce, jalapeño crema & avocado crema. Topped with green onions. Served with rice and beans.

  • Tijuana Wrap 17

    Grilled chimichurri chicken, bacon, crisp Romain lettuce, Parmesan cheese & garlic Caesar dressing rolled in a flour tortilla. Served with fries.