For kids 10 and under

All Rosa's meals come with your choice of french fries, rice, or veggies and dip. Served with milk, juice or bottomless fountain drinks and choice of Deep-Fried Ice Cream, Churro or Sundae.

  • Bambino Nachos 6.99

    Corn chips, jack cheese and Rosa's Red Sauce on the side.

  • Cactus Quesadilla 6.99

    A flower tortilla filled with chicken and jack cheese.

  • Paco Taco 6.99

    A flour or hard corn taco filled with beef or chicken. Search with lettuce, tomato and jack cheese.

  • Cowboy K.D. 6.99

    Kraft Dinner

  • Fish & Chips 6.99

    Two lightly dusted haddock strips served with french fries.

  • Three Cheese Pizza 6.99

    5 1/2 in. thick crust pizza topped with tomato sauce and three cheeses.

  • Extra Special Add Ons

    Make it a Slushie for .50 cents.
    or a Strawberry Smoothie for $1.99