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Why Mexicali Rosa's?

A Proven Profitable and Replicable Prototype

 Mexicali Rosa’s builds a concept that is profitable by taking advantage of operational efficiencies through concept design, kitchen design, menu design and volume buying power.

Comprehensive Operations Systems and Support

 The restaurant brand is supported by efficient, comprehensive and cohesive operations systems. Each restaurant must operate in a uniform fashion so that the dining experience is consistently mirrored throughout the franchise system.

Effective Growth Strategy

 Mexicali Rosa’s develops growth strategies, which provide for support to the franchisees through distribution, brand recognition, economies of scale, and frequency of on-site support by franchisor field representatives.

Increased Brand Recognition

Mexicali Rosa’s brand identity is developed through the use of core concept elements such as trademarks, logo design, tag lines, restaurant desing, interior and exterior trade dress, as well as menu presentation and offerings.

Excellent Franchisees

 Mexicali Rosa’s finds franchisees that are a good fit with the system. This means effectively qualifying franchisee candidates on the basis of level of experience, net worth, available capital, business values and ethics consistent with the franchise company. An excellent franchisee will be willing to follow the franchise system and maintain the operating standards as a high level. He or she will be ready, willing and able to build value in the brand, and he or she will be well-capitalized, and able to carry out the marketing operational directives. Mexicali Rosa’s franchisees see themselves as working toward the common goal of developing loyal customers, increasing market share, increasing profits, and increasing brand awareness.

Locations Avaialble

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


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